Marriage is a beautiful gift the Father uses to help us understand the relationship of Christ and His bride. While, many marriages don’t parallel the truth Christ has modeled for us, I know the desire for most is to have a healthy marriage. As I grow closer to the Father, putting away many attributes of flesh, I see myself being a better reflection of the Fathers love towards my spouse. Realizing that many of the problems we faced weren’t actually his fault, despite being convinced otherwise. As the Holy Spirit leads in truth, I see the Kingdom of God is inside of us, it is our responsibility to not blame our relationship/or lack thereof, on our spouse. But, to release them fully to the Father, uplifting them with our words, and loving them with our actions. Walking in the true form of love that is unconditional and not dependent upon their actions. As my husband and I embark on our sixth year of marriage I’m ecstatic to see where the Father takes us, and what deeper truths He revels.