Welcome Son

“For all who are led by the Spirit of God are Sons of God.” -Romans 8:14

The Father has be heavy with me as of late, bringing revelation, transformation, and correction. The correction is something as Sons we should welcome, we should be excited that our flesh is reveled and thus transformation can take place. As Son’s we must place the voice of the Father above all other voices, it must carry not just the most weight, but be unbendable, unbreakable, and unchangeable. I am thankful that my life is surrounded by people who love the Father, that I may glean from, however, there is an opposite side of that coin where their voice becomes my own, their influence become my beliefs. As I was talking with the Father over these last couple days, I felt the weight of the Lord. Asking me when His voice would become my voice, when what He speaks will become my beliefs, where His correction becomes my rejoining.

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” – John 10:27

“Call unto me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.” – Jeremiah 33:3

As Sons we are sealed with love. Having the heart of the Father, for God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. We must be peacemakers in all things. We can no longer carry the attitude of only loving the brethren, we cannot use the scriptures to justify this reasoning. We are to walk as the first born Son walked. If He carried this attitude than not one would be saved, for all were lost.


Let us answer the call of the Father in this hour. Hear what the Father is saying, for there is a whisper, He is calling those who want truth more than comfort. A life dedicated, a life no longer their own, a life in debt to the will of the Father. The Call is for those who are no longer satisfied with the things of the world. They want the things of the Father. The time is at hand when the realization of the future, is that the future is the Fathers. His timing is His own. We shouldn’t concern ourselves with trivial things. By not means are we to be ignorant, but, the perfecting of the saints needs to occur. If we seek the future with flesh it can only produce confusion. Somethings are reserved for the perfected saints. The Father will not give us the secrets concerning the Kingdom of God beyond our obedience or beyond our capacity to pursue. Let our only concern be what the Father is calling us to do, not worried about others, what is not for us, let it pass. What is ours, the Father, through our surrendering, will come unto us as we seek first the Kingdom of God.

Arise not to escape the world but to be separated from it. As we arise, we will be transformed.

Morning Thoughts 5/5

The Sons MUST Surrender

As we purse the Kingdom of God and the transformation into sonship, we have to ask ourselves, “What source is fueling us?” If we have surrendered all, than, we will only have one source, The Father. We cannot partake of the Kingdom of God, if our source is anything other than the Father. Not because the Father doesn’t want to bless all or has a vendetta against others, but because the Kingdom of God cannot exist without the presence of God. It is here that some will say “If God is good than why did this happen? Or if God is good than why doesn’t He help those who serve Him?” The problem with these questions, is they place the Father in the world of the natural. We forgo the Father, and make a man made image of the Father that is rooted in flesh. Not the opposite of being transformed into the image of God, through the power of the Spirit. After we create a god with our natural mind, we began to imitate this fleshly creation, not realizing we are far from the Fathers actual nature.

With this fleshly creation, we then need “help” entering “his presence”. We seek the “high” of the Lord we once felt. Here our desire is not rooted in Spirit, but rooted in flesh. As we begin to seek aids to further our relationship with the Father, we are not realizing that the flesh is committing adultery. We have contaminated the marriage bed, inviting others and objects in, while being deceived into thinking that we are just. At this point we must turn away from our aids and ask the Lord to purify, for if we need someone or something to bring us into the Fathers presence, our relationship has roots in flesh, and flesh cannot lead us into the Spirit. The image of God that many worship is nothing more than a man made god. This god is far from the true nature of the Father. For the Father is Spirit, but because we have been fueled and ruled by the flesh, we couldn’t possible father the Father. Instead of purging our flesh, we created a god more relatable. A god created out of the carnality of man, from the wisdom of man and not the revelation of the Spirit.

From the man made god, we have religions and traditions. To see the Father, we must move from these, from attempting to plan the movements of God, for all these can only causes bondage, and the Father desires us to walk in complete freedom. The reason the Pharisees and Sadducees hated Jesus, was because He broke the laws of their sacred traditions. He only held and kept the Word of His Father. He came as an example, showing that nothing that comes from flesh can produce Spirit. Just like the Pharisees and Sadducees we try and bring the Spiritual and Natural together. Adding one element of Spirit and an element of the flesh. This mixture only causes confusion and adulteration of what the Father wants and desires. We will see the Spirit change, transform, and manifest, but we will never see it partner with the flesh. They have and always will WAR against one another. When this realization comes, let us not work on weaning ourselves from the flesh of our lustily desires, slowly giving up the things of the natural man, but let us completely do away with them. Seeing what is hardening our hearts towards the Father and causing us to not pursue Him, then putting to death these things. We must begin to hear, think, speak, and do what the Father is saying, thinking, speaking and doing.

As we hear the question of the Spirit, “Will you surrender? Will you forsake everything as the old dies away or will you cling to the old because you have poured yourself into it? As the flesh is painfully crucified, will you continue to surrender? Or would you rather be fully flesh because the way of sonship is difficult?” I pray all of us respond to the voice of the Father, for He is calling His Sons forth.

Morning Thoughts 4/21

Growth in the Kingdom

“When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” 1 Corinthians 13:11

“You have heard it said to those of old, ‘you shall not commit adultery’. But I say to you that whoever looks at woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” Matthew 5:27&28

“I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.” John 15:5

“…Let us go into the next towns, that I may preach there also, because for this purpose I have come forth.” Mark 1:28

So much of our growth into Sonship and manifesting the Kingdom can be measured by the responses we have to everyday problems that are encountered. As a parent, I have a desire to see each of my children grow and mature. Not by way of the worlds standards, but by yielding to the Holy Spirit, and becoming obedient to His voice alone. If my husband and I can lead our children to recognizing and respond to the Fathers voice, than our children will be obedient even when we are not around. We will have paved a way for their own unique relationship with the Father to grow and flourish. As our children grow, the expectations that my husband and I have for our children changes also. We expect our five year old to be truthful, to not hit or retaliate to her 15 month old sister, and to help clean up. However, our expectations for our son, is to not pee on the floor.

So many who have been born again, are convinced to be proud of their progress. “I haven’t yelled in days”, “when someone cut me off, I didn’t curse at them”, “when someone said something I didn’t like, I didn’t retaliate”. If this is where we are, we are nothing but babes. We are still dealing with the flesh in such a way as a child. We defend our actions, “well I didn’t hit the man”, but where is our heart? Are we in response to the Father? In order to actually be in response to the Father, we must put to death our self-centeredness and our self-focus. My desire for my children to grow and mature, pales in comparison to the desire of the Father to see each of us grow into Sons. The Father has such a strong desire to see us transform, it is in the transformation that we will have more revelation of the Father and His nature, of His plans and desires. Just as the communication changes and matures as my children grow, so does that of the Father and His matured Sons compared to the babes.

The realization that we are branches has to take deep root. The fact that NOTHING can be done without abiding in Him. How many of us have been doing nothing, thinking it is something. Since nothing can be done without Him, how much of our life has been nothing? Have we been deceived into thinking we are producing fruit? If the fruit we have, has been produced without the abiding in Jesus, than we are not producing fruit at all but merely flesh. Flesh and Spirit rule against one another, they will never be in harmony. No matter how many times man attempts to both walk in Spirit and in flesh or convince others that the flesh is who are or has benefit, it cannot work. It will always be war.

For what purpose have we come forth? And will we be responsive? Will the desire for pleasing the Father, out weigh every other desire we have? Are we willing to put to death the old man without remorse? If we are not, if we still have a taste for the world, if we still desire flesh instead of abhor it, then there will be no advancement into the Kingdom. However, if our desire is that of the Father, if we surrender all, if we look at our life as one that was gained because it was lost, than Sonship will become our identity.

Morning Thoughts 4/18

New Eyes, New Ears, New Man

The world has changed little, it still has its cycles and days, weeks and months. Yet the changing of the Sons of God is profound. They are in the world, but no longer are they being part of the world. The world with all its dazzling offers has lost its shine to those who are the Sons. The words of the world no longer tickle their ears, the lusts of the flesh are no longer worth the set backs they cause, and the traditions of man can no longer entertain them for hours. The cycle of Sunday is like the cycle of the world, same time, same place, same messages about overcoming the man of flesh, same percent, same outline- greetings, worship, prayer, tithe and offering, prayer, message (dealing with the flesh), prayer, final message, band. Across the majority of all Christian denominations this is their Sunday routine, despite all the differences they claim to possess. Yet we have been deceived into thinking that this is the leading of the Spirit. The coming together for fellowship is a wonderful gift, I am not discounting this meeting together for encouragement and advancement. But we are to be lead by the Spirit. We cannot dictate the Spirit, and yet we try.

Nothing, but the Kingdom, will satisfy the Sons of God. Life without it is worthless and mundane. Those who have been change cannot simply go back to life before. The cares of world have lost all flavor. The enemy hasn’t the slightest place in their minds. Why? Because all has been surrendered to the Father, so the Fathers will in their lives will always come to pass. Their battles haven’t been with the enemy, it has been with the crucifixion of the old man and his fleshly ways. The lives of the Sons of God are no longer mundane, they see more than the realm of the visible, they feel more than the flesh of man, they are being elevated and nothing on earth will satisfy the longing they feel, for the Father has called their name. Their longing isn’t for heaven, high in the clouds with wonderful angels singing to the Father. No their longing is for Heaven on Earth. Which is the desire of the Father as well, it will established first within and then through. The desire of the Fathers will cannot be quenched and thus all who are called. Respond. Forsake all for the Father with no regard for self.

Morning Thoughts 4/16

The Refusal to Relinquish

Our flesh urges us to become so consumed by trials, afflictions and the like. If we allow our flesh to rule we refuse to relinquish all. In this place pride is built, anger and confusion are manifested. We were never created to bear the burden of the flesh, the Father never intended for it to be our rule, but to use the flesh as an opportunity to bring us deeper into the knowledge of who He is. If we cannot crucify our flesh and relinquish our desire for control. Than the father can never trust us with the ruling of the Kingdom. As sons we must pursue what the father Pursues, desires what the father desires, and love what the father loves.

Our life is useless and worthless outside of the understanding that the Father has a plan for each of us. Without this understanding, we allow ourselves to be tossed to and fro, expecting life to be this battle of good v. evil, the devil and his army triumphant until Jesus returns, finally defeating the adversary that has won at every turn, until this magical point in history. What a change life would be if we could understand that our biggest battles are not that from the enemy, who according to the Word of the Lord has been stripped of all power, but that of our own flesh. Oh, but how enemy minded most of us are or have been. We move to a populated city and blame traffic and bad driver on the devil, we don’t steward the temple well and blame the enemy for our health, we are selfish, prideful, and lustful but then blame the enemy for a marriage falling apart. WHAT EXCITING HOPE WE HAVE THAN, when we see that we can inherit the Kingdom by crucifying our flesh, not by a constant battle with the enemy.

When we realize, “I am the Father’s, and my life is His to do with as He pleases”, we become aware that the enemy cannot stop the Father’s Purpose in our lives. However, if we refuse to relinquish control and crucify the flesh than we will be constantly waiting for the kingdom to come instead of allowing it to be manifested within our lives.

Morning thoughts 4/6

The Pursuit of Sonship

The blessing and rewards of sonship would be more than enough to convince anyone to pursue the title within their own lives. This is want I think many churches have done. They have announced, long healthy lives, healing of aliments, prosperity, happiness, and a host of other promises. Yet, we do not see this fruit in the congregation. My desire is not to condemn any, condemnation should have no part in any Son, my hope is that we can all grow unto the Lord. The problem with announcing. the benefits of Sonship to those who do not know the Fathers nature and have not heard His voice, is that the only reason one would pursue at this point would be for flesh. However, you cannot be a son of the Father if you desire something other than His will. We do an injustice to those when we do not speak the whole truth of Christ, that is if you desire your life you will lose it, but if you lose your life, it is at this point you gain.

One problem we face in the pursuit of Sonship, is that if we are not submitted to the Fathers will, once afflictions come, we turn back to the old man. If we have no roots, nothing can sustain us during our transformation into Sonship. So many teach exclusion from affliction instead of deliverance and triumph over them. Without affliction we would not grow, our flesh would not be exposed. Without affliction we would not understand suffering, when we suffer we are challenged, we at this point face a decision, to produce compassion which is a characteristic of the Father or we produce bitterness. Bitterness arises when we pursue sonship for the benefits and blessings, if we pursue with the flesh, we can only produce the flesh. It is under submission that freedom is found, and the flesh cannot submit to the Spirit, for they war against each other.

“Many are the afflictions of the righteous, But the Lord delivers him out of them all.” Psalm 34:19

“Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for my names sake. Matthew 5:11

To be clear there is noting wrong with wanting all the Father has for us, this desire is the mark of a son, but it wanting what the Father has for us not wanting our own will.

Morning thoughts 4/07

Being Active

Far too many times we come to a place where we think “well if this or that were to change, than I would really be happy, than I would really change, I wouldn’t be so angry, I wouldn’t get so easily frustrated, I would be less stressed… etc”. But the truth is, the only thing that needs to “change” for our circumstances to improve, is us. I find that if I am feeding myself with the servings of the world, I will naturally produce the characteristics of the flesh. However, if I am cultivating an environment that is set up for success in establishing heaven on earth, than my eyes are set on the Father and my life surrendered to Him. When this place is where I am at rest, I than produce the fruit of the Spirit.

We can’t allow ourselves to continually be distracted by the mirage of the world. It looks so pleasing and satisfying, but, it will never brings about peace, love, faith or hope. The world desensitizes you to the things of the Spirit, it adjusts your focus, no longer are you pressed to be about the Fathers business. When you partake of the world, you will slowly but surly be consumed by the world. Because the world can never satisfy the longings that we have, the quest that fills all men with wonder. What can satisfy while simultaneously encourage more wonder is the Kingdom of God.

Morning Thoughts 3/27

The Time to Arise

“Therefore be imitators of God as dear children. And walk in love as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us, and offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling aroma.” Ephesians 5:2

“For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light (for the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness, righteousness, and truth), find out what is acceptable to the Lord. And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them. For it is shameful to even speak of those things which are done by them in secret. But i all tings that are exposed are made manifest by the light, for whatever makes manifest is light. Therefore He says:”awake, you who sleep, arise from the dead, and Christ will give you light.” Ephesians 5:8-14

“Do all tings without complaining and disputing.” Philippians 2:14

I hear the call of the Lord strong this morning to arise.

Arise and allow yourselves to be undone before Me. Allow Me to take you away from the world while you remain within it; being a true light. Empty your hearts of all, allow me to reconstruct a heart that is made entirely of Me, where no circumstance, principality, where nothing on earth above or bellow, could ever penetrate. For when you allow Me to construct you, there will be no fault found within, My Son, throned, has made atonement, enter into the gate with gladness and boldness. For you are no longer the man of sin, you are no longer the man bound by flesh, but are made new through Christ, you are now a temple. My temple. why then are you desecrating my temple with temporal works. Walk out the works I have called. It is time to be bold with absolute humility, to love with My love. My children hear My voice and I will make them sons, I will plant within then seeds of knowledge about My kingdom, their harvest will be bountiful. Not a bounty for the world, but to bring the world under the dominion of Kingdom. The gates of Heaven are open to those who hear My voice. Arise, come see the things I have for you.

We cannot be imitators of the Father is we do not know His nature, if we have not seen His face and heard His voice. Let us seek and listen.

Just my morning thoughts 3/13/18

The Key to Happiness, is actually Joy

Have you ever noticed that happiness isn’t a fruit of the Spirit? You can’t really find a promise for happiness anywhere in the Bible. Joy? Yes. Delight? Yes. Peace? Yes. Hope? Yes; again. So what is the difference between each of these and happiness? One can be made manifest in the flesh, while the latter is a fruit that is produced by the Spirit. Happiness is temporal, it is based on the circumstances around us. If we are downtrodden then the happiness we long for seems to evade us. However, Joy can be had despite persecution, despite disadvantages… truly despite any circumstances. Joy is a fruit that we produce when the follow after the Spirit. So how do we continually manifest joy?

Firstly, we continually choose joy

Often times we are not in the habit of continually choosing joy. Joy is actually not even our first few responses when the difficulty of life seems to make its way center stage. However, James tells us “My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trails.” (James 1:2). I believe one the keys to maintaining joy is our perspective on whatever trials, tests, temptations, or attacks we face. If our trust is placed fully in the Father, than we are able to count it all joy. We have been hidden in Christ and now are joint heirs with Him who is seated at the right hand of the Father, are we too not seated in heavenly places? When we are actually setting our mind on things that are above and not on the things of earth, than joy is a fruit we CHOOSE to produce.

Secondly, remain in a state of surrender

We should not be held and bogged down by the cares of the world, however, the cares of the world seem to affect those who are not fully surrendered to the Father. The Spirit has often taken me back to the garden of Gethsemane, where our beloved Brother prayed that if there was ANY OTHER WAY then for the Father to allow this “cup” to pass from Him, “but nevertheless not my will but Yours be done.” Jesus made a decision in the garden, and before then as well. He wanted what the Father wanted, He trusted the Father without fault, and therefore he was completely surrendered to the Father. Being that Jesus wanted the Fathers will more than He desired His own way, He was able to endure. When times got tough, Jesus didn’t waiver, it had already been decided. We at times wait until we are in a certain situation to seek after the joy of the Lord, but we are unable to because we are being tossed to and fro, manipulated by the circumstances because our flesh has ruled.

Finally, Limit distractions

What is stealing your joy and why? When we evaluate what is stealing our joy, we open ourselves for the Spirit to expose areas of our lives that may not be completely surrendered to the Lord or perhaps an area where our flesh is still ruling. One example of where I would lose my joy would be in the mornings when my children wake up needy. The mornings are my time where I like to just sit in silence and peace. For the last few weeks my children have been thrown out of their routine of play; so now every morning I don’t get to sit and do my writings. It got to the point where I was about to explode, why? Because if we are not producing, walking, and manifesting joy, its anthesis reigns. However, in pursuing the perfected man, I realize I cannot be ruled by my flesh, I must be led by the Spirit. So when calling on the Spirit for revelation, He actually showed me that I wasn’t connecting very well with my children. With this lack of connection they were becoming more and more needy. The Spirit always has a solution, He always has an answer, He is always willing to lead us to the perfected man the distractions we all have will differ from person to person, often, it when we partake of the world or relish in flesh, we will lose our joy. Neither of this can produce the Kingdom which our Spirit desires.

The Father has a plan for each of His children, He desires to have a deep relationship, one that is reflective in that of Christ. As we are growing and maturing we are beginning to walk in deeper revelation. By allowing the Spirit to quicken us, we then produce the fruit of the Spirit, the fruit of the Spirit wars agains the works of flesh. As we know, the flesh will never inherit the Kingdom of God. I continually ask the Spirit what in my life has not come under the control of the King, what is trying to exalt itself above the knowledge of God. Our Father is faithful, His desire for us to become matured sons has no rival, when we become purposed in pursuing the Kingdom we begin to crucify the flesh. We than position ourselves to reap the blessing of the Spirit as compared to the corruption of the flesh.

Just my morning thoughts 3/10/18

The Faithless Faithful

“But do you not know, O foolish man, that faith without works is dead.” -James 2:20

I have felt a challenge and change in the way that I understand the book of James pertaining to his teachings on works and faith. The more the Spirit leads me to shed the things of old and the workings of flesh, I find a deeper sense of freedom. For the past several weeks when I have read James, I have heard this whisper, “What if the works that I speak of, have nothing to do with, fulfilling a monthly quota for tithe or offering. Or feeding a certain number of the homeless. Or even taking care of every widow or orphan you see.” Well, if this is true than most churches would close, because we have taken away so many of the laws they have instituted while claiming to be free from the law of Moses.

Works will flow from the heart. If we are bound by religion that we will feel guilt, condemnation and even a duty concerning the works James speaks about. We than become no better than the people who in Jesus’ time loved the law so much they missed the savior. When our heart is in the law and not our Father, we will only produce and walk in religion which from the beginning never produced the Sons of God.

“Was not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered Isaac his son on the alter? Do you see that faith was working together with his works, and by works faith was made perfect? And the scripture was fulfilled which says, ‘Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him as righteousness.’ And he was called the friend of God.” James 2:21-23

“… concluding that God was able to raise him up, even from the dead from which he also received him in a figurative sense.” Hebrews 11:19

Many times the works that we are producing are contrary to the faith that we say we have. We will speak and claim and remind God of all His promises towards us, but our actions are not in alignment. Abraham fully believed! This is why he was justified. His actions completely lined up with the belief he held. He did not wavier, he did not say that he believed God and then decided NOT to offer his son, the son of his promise. He was going to kill his son as a sacrifice to the Father, his faith went so deep that he believed the Lord would raise him from the dead. He had never seen this, but he believed it to be possible!

We have faith that if we do feed the homeless, take care of the widows and orphans, and meet a 10% requirement we are justified. We are the faithful faithless. Ones who believe in our own ability to be justified as compared to actually believing and not wavering in what the Father has spoken to us. Our faith must believe in the words of the Father to the extent that our actions, no matter how costly they may seem, line up with what the Father has called and the faith we say we carry.

-Just my morning thoughts 2/22/18