Mother of ARROWS

“Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD. The fruit of the womb is a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one’s youth.

-Psalm 127:3&4-

Far too often the mother is under appreciated in society. The world attempts to control a narrative, pushing mothers out of the picture. Painting mothers who are devoted to raising their children, as women who are not contributing to society as a whole. Truth is, if you remove the mother, you disable the home.

Motherhood is war. Motherhood is ministry. Motherhood is the reflection of the Father. Motherhood is life itself. However, if these truths go unguarded and mothers are not intentionally being proactive and purposed- than motherhood becomes giving birth and survival until eighteen not cultivating the generation of world changers the earth longs to hear. MOTHERS, ministry in not an occupation- not a position held in a church, youth camp, or mission. Understand, ministry is your life surrendered. Ministry is raising your children unto the Lord. Motherhood is a great (IF NOT THE GREATEST) work for the Kingdom of God that you can ever accomplish.

What is motherhood? The state of being a mother. If that is all that motherhood entails… The real question becomes, will we do motherhood well? Are we as mothers waking up empowered and intentional? Do we raise our children as if it is the most important job that we will ever have? Knowing that the enormity of doing motherhood well and the impact it will have not only on the world now but on the world to come is unfathomable.

Dear Mothers, you are important and vital to the development of the Kingdom of God and the culture that will be birthed through the intensive laboring of raising your children. There is no one that can do a better job raising your children, than a you that is completely surrendered to doing the Fathers will. You have the job of developing nations, establishing laws, initiating justice, fighting for freedom, and exposing truth. Mothers, you are tasked with the objective to cultivate faith carrying, word wielding, truth bearing, good news sharing, righteous leaders that will change the course of the world through the gift of salvation. This is why we as mothers, must be diligent to guard the task that has been set before us. To not be swayed or deceived into thinking that doing motherhood well isn’t important. I hope that you will join me on this mini series on Motherhood.

Father, I thank you for all your goodness, grace, and mercy. That we are never alone in any endeavor that is ordained by Your strong hand. We come before You to honor the call of motherhood, to seek Your righteousness and truth so that our children will grow up with the intention of changing the world. Father I ask that you bless every mother by giving her a fresh heart for parenting and revealing to her the destiny of her children as she parents from the prophetic and not the natural. I ask that you give each mother a fierceness to guard and protect the sacred call of motherhood. That when she looks upon and within herself, she will see a divine call on her life and that this call is to advance the Kingdom of God within herself and her children. Father, I ask that you show each mother her innate ability to encourage herself and establish the nature of her home. Father I ask that this fierceness to guard and protect runs deep within her that she awakens every morning feeling empowered and loved by You. Father, lastly I ask that you show each mother the potential she has when she chooses to partner with the Creator of ALL, that she is never alone, that not only does she belong to You, but that You have established a connection between mothers, we choose to honor this connection by uplifting one another and not tearing each other down. We ask this with boldness through the power given to us by Your son Jesus Christ.

My son, hear the instruction of your father, and do not forsake the law of your mother; Psalm 1:8

Just Trying To… ENJOY Them

I was walking through a home decorating store and I saw the sign that changed my day. Distressed wood, perfectly painted, it was beautiful and funny.

“Just trying to keep the kids alive”.

I laughed. Oh so true, mom goals of the day. As I walk though the store with a soon to be three year old, coming to the end of what I am assuming was a cold that hit our home early last week, I was exhausted. I felt so tired and I know I looked it.

As I kept pushing the cart I felt for myself and other moms who were “just trying to keep the kids alive”. All the moms that give and give and give. The moms who try and are tired. You know the mom who is equally tired with a screaming child heading out to the car? The one you share a glance with as if to say, “fear not, I’ve been there, you are doing great, I have no judgment”; you know, that mom. As, I again chuckled at the sign- she laughed at me. My sweet girl. She didn’t know why we laughed, but she saw her mother, who doesn’t laugh often enough, laugh. You know what she did? She seized the moment. She wouldn’t waste a laugh with the tired mom whom she loves and so… she laughed.

My eyes filled up, she saw me and she loved me. She didn’t see a tired mom, but she saw her mother. She was still tired and cranky, but she was perfect in her innocence. Looking into her big beautiful eyes, I could feel the presence of choice, to lean into what I felt the Father was trying to say, or to continue on. As I leaned in I felt the sweet whisper that flows from the Holy Spirit. Just try to keep the kids alive enjoy them.

The sweetness of the Holy Spirit and His prompting. What if my goal changed? What if I took the advice from the older generations who nearly all have the same answer when young mothers try and glean the wisdom they contain?

“Enjoy them, the time they are little is so short”, “Enjoy them, the days are long but the years short”, “Enjoy them, they grow too fast!”, “Enjoy them, they are off before you know it”, “Enjoy them, you can never have today back”, “Enjoy them, you never know when it will be the last time they need help tying their shoe or the last time you carry them”, “You will never look back and wish you did more dishes or more house work, but you will wish you enjoyed them and every moment you have with them”.

Ah, Enjoy them. We live in a culture that values a lot of things, money, fame, outward appearance, being beyond busy; enjoyment of the everyday I don’t think that would make the list. For a moment I truly had to look inward to see my values. Over time we grow, at times getting pulled in by the world, we need to take inventory about what our current beliefs are that are running our life. If I value and believe in enjoying my children daily, then that is something that I will accomplish. The truth is, WHATEVER we value will hold a prominent place in our lives. It’s hard sometimes, truly taking a look at who you are, what you value, and how the culmination of those things are playing out within our own lives. Thankfully, there is no time like the present to do this!

Psalm 127: 3

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward.

In all honesty my goal as a parent has not been to enjoy my kids. If someone were to approach saying “FOUR kids, look at the REWARD you have!” I’m not sure the old me would would automatically think, “yes, such a reward”. Western culture is ingrained to look at raising children as “work”, “hardship”, “sacrifice”- being exhausted is a badge of honor. If you’re not exhausted you’re not working hard enough. I of course had goals as a parent. To raise them right? Of course! To teach them about the Wonderful Father? Absolutely! But to enjoy them? Maybe?

Ah, but isn’t it funny or ironic or truly perfect timing how and when the Father chooses to appear? Yes, we too must seek, but sometimes we are Saul and get knocked down by the bright light. All these wonderful thoughts and scriptures were playing out before me as I continued to look at my daughter and push the cart. What would my day look like if I chose to enjoy my children. How different would my life be if while giving them guidance and raising them in the way they should go it was a joyous… enjoyment?

Over time, enjoyment would become a new habit within our home, and we would work hard to maintain and protect this newfound attitude. Enjoyment of our children doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice on other important areas. A clean house helps me thrive and cooking nutritional meals for my children is something that I won’t compromise on. Besides, having a disaster of a house and kids not thriving because they aren’t getting the nutrition they need, sounds nothing like enjoyment. Enjoyment is an outlook. It is a choice. A choice that we decide to make with each mess, with every attitude, and within the very moments that make up the day. When enjoyment of our children is a priority, than we began to connect with them. As our connection to our children grows, other areas begin to fall into place. Especially our children’s attitude toward us and how they begin to show more love and respect. A child will thrive in an environment that values enjoyment and celebrated as a reward for our lives. Especially, since we had worn the badge of exhausted, run down, busy mom for far too long. When we wear these badges we are telling our children they are more of a burden than an enjoyment. No child can feel like a reward, if we don’t communicate that they are a wondrous gift.

By no means have I mastered this, while certain aspects have been a growing part of my life. Other areas are new. Parenting is a journey, a life filled with learning. Each new stage takes different tools and each child is so uniquely different. However, all children want to be enjoyed. The more they are treated as the gifts they truly are the more our home is transformed bit by bit into Heaven on Earth. We expand the Kingdom of Heaven a bit further.

How would your life change if enjoying your children became a priority? Or if the joy of the Lord was the badge of honor you worked hard to protect daily?

Where Do You Stand?

As I enter into the throne room the closer I move towards the Father the more He begins to purify. As He calls me up, calling me higher, He asks me, how deep is your Faith? How deep are the roots? Is your faith steadfast? Do you want all that I have to show you? Then I want everything. Every part of who you, every thought you have, every word you speak, every action, every movement. Every scar, every pain, every lie, every embarrassment, every ridicule. I want everything. I want all your belief. I want all your hope. I want all your faith. Do you believe that I Am?

I Am. I Am Life. Do you believe? Are you willing to leave everything before me now? To go out a new creature? Leaving behind the unbelief of yesterday. The pain. The anger. The chains. Will you break them? Will you rise? My Sons are rising. They hear Me calling, will you forsake everything? Will you do more than leave behind the old man? Will you crucify him in all his workings of flesh?

A line has been drawn. The battle raging. There is no half believing. You either believe My Words or you do not. Either I Am Truth, or I Am not. Either I Am the Living Water, or I am not. I must flow, allow me to flow through you, or I will have to spit you out. Will you be nothing, will you be emptied, so that I may fill you?

Will you be what I have called you to be? Will you walk in the works I have set aside for you? Will you do only what I tell you to do? Will you say only what you have heard Me say? Will you be only about your Father’s business? The time is now. I want complete surrender. I want complete devotion. I want everything. Allow me to prepare you. Allow me to equip you. For I Am. And I, I Am Yours my Sons. Do you believe Me? For the hour is at hand.

Rise Up

Often times, the Father will call us to do something beyond our own ability in the moment. We can respond in flesh and explain why we can not do it, or, we can respond in Spirit and walk in faith. Sometimes we are qualified because of our journey and other times our willingness to obey the voice of The Father, despite our own inability, is what qualifies us. The Father can make ready in a day what He desires to do tomorrow, on the other side of that same coin, He can make ready through a life time of journeying what He wants to accomplish in 50 years. As Sons we will find ourselves in both of these, so we need to be ready and respond when He call us upward, and we need to preserve when He calls us to keep our path straight.

The world has this push for “surviving”, everywhere you look, tv shows, memes, t-shirts, car stickers, it’s about surviving. From parenthood to life in general we are supposed to be doing more than surviving. Yes we will have battles and yes we will have trials, yes we will face tribulation and persecution. But we are to be entering into each of these with the knowledge that we are triumphant. So many of us had a season where when we faced hardship, we resorted to being babes in Christ. We began to question in doubt what the Father was trying to build in faith. If you are still questioning, you do not understand who you are. If you know who you are, than you understand you are His. You value the death of the old man, for you merely lost and life but you gained a kingdom.

So let us then, push forward into this new season. Let us draw a line in the sand, that we will not waiver but stand firm in the word of God.

Who I am is found in You

There is nothing that compares to my quality time with the Father. To take refuge under His protection, to be filled with His peace, to weep at His feet, to be exalted by Him, to be humbled before Him, to fellowship with Him, to be in His presence. Nothing. Nothing can compare to my sacred time with my Father.

This is where my identity can be found, my purpose understood, my heart revealed, and my spirit quickened. This place with the Father, is my rock. It is where I run when I fail, where I come when I succeed, where I am unveiled, raw, and bare. The place where I decided that my life of flesh is a life I wanted to lose, so I could gain the life that the newness of Christ had in store for me.

This place, is a place that the enemy would never see you come, and the flesh of the old man cannot enter. It is a place of purity and reality without the veils the world erects. This place, my personal time, my sacred secret place, is one that is infinite. The more I grow and mature the deeper I’m taken into the fullness of His presence. He unveils Himself to the limit in which I can bare. We must encourage each other to seek this individual relationship, this intimacy with the Father. We must put to death the belief of unworthiness, unshackle the chains of guilt, and be made new. When we fall into the sins of flesh, we don’t run after the freedom of the Father. It is the time we have with Him that will transform each of us.

The Prayer of Flesh V. The Prayer of Spirit

Galatians 5:17

“For the flesh lusts against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh; and these are contrary to one another, so that you do not do the things that you wish.”

There is a profound difference in Prayer occurring, the Father is asking, what is influencing our prayers. He is asking, “If your eyes are always on Me, and you only speak and do what I have said, then what am I calling you to say.?”

When we pray from the circumstances of our problems or predicaments, they are not of Spirit. If we pray because of what we are seeing than our prayers are not of Spirit. Only when we pray what the Father is calling us to say will our prayers be Spirit. So what then does it mean when we pray from a position other than Spirit? It means that we are speaking flesh and inviting it to rule over us. Because we have placed the value of our prayer in the natural and wonder why the super natural isn’t taking place. When we pray from a position other than Spirit we are exalting ourselves and our words and our minds above that of the Father.

So what then, in this season of trial, crucifixion of flesh, temptation, etc.? Our eyes should remain focused on the Father. He knows what we need before we have need of it. Therefore, our prayers of the Spirit will prepare us for the future. We can not pray from a position of flesh while seated In the heavenly places of the saints. Our Father is continually calling us upward, let us only speak what the Father commands and let us only do what the Father has done.

Guard your mouth for life and death flow from it.

Morning Thoughts 6/06

Simple Truths

As we awaken to the glory of the Father this morning, simple truths will never again leave us. We will no longer look for the Father in anything seen, thinking it will reveal who He is, for we understand that He is the CREATOR of all. That nothing seen can reveal His ultimate and intimate glory. That only He, can reveal Himself. That just as a painting doesn’t begin to tell the story of an artist, the whole universe and beyond doesn’t even begin to tip the iceberg of our Father. That as we remain in the gates of the Kingdom, that as we manifest and bring that Kingdom to earth, that while others are looking for Jesus in the clouds to return we know that He has returned within us, that He has appointed and commissioned the elect to be the revelation of the Father. Remain humble, forsake self, do not be moved by what you see, begin to usher in the truth even as it goes against the natural. Rebuke lies directly and put to death the flesh that has caused them. Arise Sons. Now is the time.

Morning Thoughts 6/05

The Father’s Presence

No longer will the presence of the Father be something that is entered into, but will be the place that we are always at rest. The revelation of being saints here and now seated in heavenly places will take such deep root, that no longer will the body be seeking ways or people to be brought into the presence but will see that it is an inheritance for all who accept what Christ the elder Son has done. The body will be moved away from seeking “the high’ and be made new, we then can approach the throne boldly not because of what we have done, but because we too are His sons and all that He has is ours and all that we are is His.

Let us release works today, let us relinquish our desires and put to death the flesh of the old man. The Father is calling the Saints forward and upward to show the sons their crown of life. As we step into the Father”s presence let us never leave, let us leave behind the death of the old man and allow Him to make us new. For we know in part and He wants to bring revelation that will draw the lost into reconciliation.

Bless the Father for His goodness, His love, and His mercy. It is in the Father’s presence that we understand love, peace, faith, hope, and the fruit of the Spirit are made our new characteristics through Him. With the Father we receive the peace of protection and the enlightenment of the body. the quickening of the Spirit will come upon us.

Glory to Him!!!

Morning Thoughts 6/04


For many years before I had children, I would watch shows and read books about child abduction, murder, and abuse. These were very popular durning my early adulthood and for some reason I gravitated toward them. Once I had children, I was constantly plagued with what I had once watched. Late into the early morning I would have played out hundreds of horrifying scenarios that would keep me from living a full and healthy life. This was a battle for me. For years I would lose sleep. I would try and pray and nothing would change. I remember one night sitting up, so exhausted from this routine that went on for as long as I had children. I looked up, with tears in my eyes and simply said, “I need you to be real.”

This was the start of me leaving behind the bondage that religion created, and while at the time I didn’t know I was pursuing sonship, I did know I was entering into relationship.

The first battle I faced was the understanding that I was not battling Satan himself nor one of his minions. That they were far from me, what plagued me was my flesh. Religion had left me enemy minded, for years, I would pray and rebuke and see nothing. I would anoint and fast and would still see nothing. But my cry to the Father was heard, no longer was I praying for God to remove the enemy from my life or to just pacify me with a few hours of sleep. No, my attention was on the biggest hurdle keeping me from the revelation of the Father and a deep relationship with Him, my flesh.

So often we partake and consume of the world and then face battles. When this happens we are so quick to turn and rebuke the enemy and nothing happens. We are rebuking something that isn’t there often times. I want to say that Satan is real and that he does attack. But I also believe that the flesh keeps more from the Father than Satan ever has. We have to change our mindset from thinking about what we can and cannot do. Wanting a set of rules. We are told, we are free to do all things, but not all things are beneficial.

Just the other night, while almost asleep, I started to have intense visions about my children. About my husband and I. I have not watched or read anything that would have sparked this, but these were probably the most intense I have ever had. My old self would attempt to distract my brain. However, that part of my flesh has been put to death and I will not resurrect it.

I looked at the Father, who is real to me now and simply said “My family and I are Yours to keep and this, this is not mine.” I made a motion with my hands of just pushing everything away. Right when I did this the Holy Spirit flooded me with love and thoughts of protection. However, He didn’t stop there, He showed me, myself walking on the beach, slowly picking up pebbles, the more I picked, the faster I would pick up more. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that when we don’t renew our mind with the word we renew it with the world. We revert back to the old man. No one of my knowledge is complete in sonship, we all retain some pebbles and we release and then we pick back up. We need to become aware that much of what we face is not because of the enemy but because of our flesh. We need to realize what areas we are holding onto and do more than “release” them. We need to put them to death.

We fall into temptation because of our own desires. We need to make sure we desire what the Father desires. Even if our desires are good by the way of the world and the way of religion, if we do not desire what the Father desires then it will lead us to walking in flesh.

I have never walked in stress that my mind didn’t take me, we must set our mind on things that are above and renew our mind.

“You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in You.” Isaiah 26:3

Sonship is not a destination. It is a process and journey of a deepening relationship with the Father. An unveiling of our true identity and walking out what the Father has destined for us.

Morning Thought 6/01

Welcome Son

“For all who are led by the Spirit of God are Sons of God.” -Romans 8:14

The Father has be heavy with me as of late, bringing revelation, transformation, and correction. The correction is something as Sons we should welcome, we should be excited that our flesh is reveled and thus transformation can take place. As Son’s we must place the voice of the Father above all other voices, it must carry not just the most weight, but be unbendable, unbreakable, and unchangeable. I am thankful that my life is surrounded by people who love the Father, that I may glean from, however, there is an opposite side of that coin where their voice becomes my own, their influence become my beliefs. As I was talking with the Father over these last couple days, I felt the weight of the Lord. Asking me when His voice would become my voice, when what He speaks will become my beliefs, where His correction becomes my rejoining.

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” – John 10:27

“Call unto me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.” – Jeremiah 33:3

As Sons we are sealed with love. Having the heart of the Father, for God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. We must be peacemakers in all things. We can no longer carry the attitude of only loving the brethren, we cannot use the scriptures to justify this reasoning. We are to walk as the first born Son walked. If He carried this attitude than not one would be saved, for all were lost.


Let us answer the call of the Father in this hour. Hear what the Father is saying, for there is a whisper, He is calling those who want truth more than comfort. A life dedicated, a life no longer their own, a life in debt to the will of the Father. The Call is for those who are no longer satisfied with the things of the world. They want the things of the Father. The time is at hand when the realization of the future, is that the future is the Fathers. His timing is His own. We shouldn’t concern ourselves with trivial things. By not means are we to be ignorant, but, the perfecting of the saints needs to occur. If we seek the future with flesh it can only produce confusion. Somethings are reserved for the perfected saints. The Father will not give us the secrets concerning the Kingdom of God beyond our obedience or beyond our capacity to pursue. Let our only concern be what the Father is calling us to do, not worried about others, what is not for us, let it pass. What is ours, the Father, through our surrendering, will come unto us as we seek first the Kingdom of God.

Arise not to escape the world but to be separated from it. As we arise, we will be transformed.

Morning Thoughts 5/5