The Lost Is Found


We learned in the last part God loves us. Now we will be learning that God comes and finds us even when we are lost. A fact is that God always knows where we are even when we don’t. God will find us.


Get a piece of paper and draw a map on it. Let it remind you that God finds the lost.


God thank you for always coming to find me when I’m lost. Amen.


Have you ever lost your pet? If you do you’ll look until you find it right? The same with God. He loves finding his lost children. In another example the shepherd cares for the sheep and finds the lost ones. In the same way God cares for us. We just have to see God has made a path for us (mine is writing) He will take us when we are lost and set us back on the right path. But we are the ones who choose the right path to go on and He is laying the right paths. Satan lays wrong paths. But it is up to us to choose a path. Hope all the kids who have read my writings have or will have a strong relationship with God.

Part 2

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