Arise, Declare the Victory of Lord!

The Earth belongs to the Lord

The trumpets are calling, they are being blown louder and louder- calling each and every son and daughter, “It’s time to arise.” The Earth belongs to the Lord, all that is within it is His.

Now is the time sons and daughters- adorn yourselves in the armor of the Spirit. Are you not the temple of the Spirit? Are you cleansed? Put away your idols; the trumpet of the Lord is calling- terry no longer- arise. “Arise!” shouts the messengers of the Lord, the time has come, be silent no longer, arise and speak truth. The earth is yearning. The earth is the Lords. Let it be known who you serve, let it be known what is required to enter the kingdom. The gates are open and the world cries out for it has no understanding.

Arise sons and daughters. Do not light your lamp and put it under a basket. Let your light shine before man. Put away fear; the Lord is calling us into the water. He is asking, “Will you trust me to come? Will you answer my call?” The time of the Lord is here. He is calling the ushering in of Heaven to Earth.

I see a harvest the Lord has been preparing. I see His people coming together, uniting from all areas of the World. Singing the praises of the Father. Unafraid for they know the Lord is with them. They are calling for change. They are calling for justice. They are calling for truth. They are all gathered together under the Lord. They sing His praises continuously. The world around them burns but within His wings they are kept safe. They are storming the territories of the enemy; they are breaking areas that have been used as footholds and turned into a stronghold for the devil. These places will be brought before the Lord and they will turn from the corruption and they will say, “Look the Lord is faithful. He is truth”.

The veil will be removed and they will walk in light.

The enemy is preparing for victory, but the Lord says they shall not win. Be strong Sons and Daughters! The Lord is fighting this battle and we must stand in faith. We must stand in light. We must rebuke evil. Be of good courage, this battle is the Lords. As the enemy celebrates, the Father has been moving and operating. He has been raising up his sons and daughters. He has been molding them teaching them to respond to His voice only. They are powerful and passionate people who want only to exalt the name of the Lord.

Arise. Shine. Stand in faith. Be of courage. The Earth belongs to the Lord. Declare the victory of the Lord!!!

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