No Place for Fear 

Motherhood Part 2

The one thing that no one told me about having kids is the constant fear that I would have for them. That I would hear a story about a child on the news and my first thought would be, that could have been my child. That I would begin to be “over protective” according to today’s “experts”. But, what choice did I have? Watch the news… get on Facebook and you find a story, Every. Single. Day. Of something horrific happening to a child. I have spent countless nights playing through awful scenarios of something happening to one of my babies, a night full of mediation on fear. Because this was my nightly exercise for months on end, it began to take control of my life, it had become such a habit that I was starting to only get 2-4 hours of sleep a night. I would be crying at the possibilities of what MIGHT happen to my children. Yes, I understand that this is completely crazy. I realize that some may never experience the fear of guarding your children to this extent, but this is what the invitation of fear does in your life.

The enemy is crafty and I allowed His tool of fear to erode me, little by little I lost my faith and hope. I had lost my foundation of a good God and started to live and parent from a place of fear. With just that the enemy didn’t have to attack my family in any other way, I allowed him victory in my home by allowing my thoughts and actions to be controlled by fear.

What I learned most, through this trial in my life- a trial that I invited in and partnered with- was that fear doesn’t stay where you let it in. It begins to spread to every single area of your life. It infiltrated every part of my being and began to dictate my future. It had infected my whole life. What you think on, what you mediate on, will rule your life.

As a mother our job is deep and full. It is challenging and at times exhausting. However, we do not have to be in this alone. We are not left powerless against the enemy and just there for his taking. We have the option to be empowered by the Spirit, to yield to the voice of the Father, and to be encouraged.

Father I pray for each mother striving to love according to Your will. I ask that you fill them with encouragement and understanding to the magnitude of the role that has been set before them. Teach them to rebuke and to align their hearts with faith. Let them be reminded that you are the author of empowerment and truth, in Jesus name AMEN.

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