Mother of ARROWS

“Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD. The fruit of the womb is a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one’s youth.

-Psalm 127:3&4-

Far too often the mother is under appreciated in society. The world attempts to control a narrative, pushing mothers out of the picture. Painting mothers who are devoted to raising their children, as women who are not contributing to society as a whole. Truth is, if you remove the mother, you disable the home.

Motherhood is war. Motherhood is ministry. Motherhood is the reflection of the Father. Motherhood is life itself. However, if these truths go unguarded and mothers are not intentionally being proactive and purposed- than motherhood becomes giving birth and survival until eighteen not cultivating the generation of world changers the earth longs to hear. MOTHERS, ministry in not an occupation- not a position held in a church, youth camp, or mission. Understand, ministry is your life surrendered. Ministry is raising your children unto the Lord. Motherhood is a great (IF NOT THE GREATEST) work for the Kingdom of God that you can ever accomplish.

What is motherhood? The state of being a mother. If that is all that motherhood entails… The real question becomes, will we do motherhood well? Are we as mothers waking up empowered and intentional? Do we raise our children as if it is the most important job that we will ever have? Knowing that the enormity of doing motherhood well and the impact it will have not only on the world now but on the world to come is unfathomable.

Dear Mothers, you are important and vital to the development of the Kingdom of God and the culture that will be birthed through the intensive laboring of raising your children. There is no one that can do a better job raising your children, than a you that is completely surrendered to doing the Fathers will. You have the job of developing nations, establishing laws, initiating justice, fighting for freedom, and exposing truth. Mothers, you are tasked with the objective to cultivate faith carrying, word wielding, truth bearing, good news sharing, righteous leaders that will change the course of the world through the gift of salvation. This is why we as mothers, must be diligent to guard the task that has been set before us. To not be swayed or deceived into thinking that doing motherhood well isn’t important. I hope that you will join me on this mini series on Motherhood.

Father, I thank you for all your goodness, grace, and mercy. That we are never alone in any endeavor that is ordained by Your strong hand. We come before You to honor the call of motherhood, to seek Your righteousness and truth so that our children will grow up with the intention of changing the world. Father I ask that you bless every mother by giving her a fresh heart for parenting and revealing to her the destiny of her children as she parents from the prophetic and not the natural. I ask that you give each mother a fierceness to guard and protect the sacred call of motherhood. That when she looks upon and within herself, she will see a divine call on her life and that this call is to advance the Kingdom of God within herself and her children. Father, I ask that you show each mother her innate ability to encourage herself and establish the nature of her home. Father I ask that this fierceness to guard and protect runs deep within her that she awakens every morning feeling empowered and loved by You. Father, lastly I ask that you show each mother the potential she has when she chooses to partner with the Creator of ALL, that she is never alone, that not only does she belong to You, but that You have established a connection between mothers, we choose to honor this connection by uplifting one another and not tearing each other down. We ask this with boldness through the power given to us by Your son Jesus Christ.

My son, hear the instruction of your father, and do not forsake the law of your mother; Psalm 1:8

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