Who I am is found in You

There is nothing that compares to my quality time with the Father. To take refuge under His protection, to be filled with His peace, to weep at His feet, to be exalted by Him, to be humbled before Him, to fellowship with Him, to be in His presence. Nothing. Nothing can compare to my sacred time with my Father.

This is where my identity can be found, my purpose understood, my heart revealed, and my spirit quickened. This place with the Father, is my rock. It is where I run when I fail, where I come when I succeed, where I am unveiled, raw, and bare. The place where I decided that my life of flesh is a life I wanted to lose, so I could gain the life that the newness of Christ had in store for me.

This place, is a place that the enemy would never see you come, and the flesh of the old man cannot enter. It is a place of purity and reality without the veils the world erects. This place, my personal time, my sacred secret place, is one that is infinite. The more I grow and mature the deeper I’m taken into the fullness of His presence. He unveils Himself to the limit in which I can bare. We must encourage each other to seek this individual relationship, this intimacy with the Father. We must put to death the belief of unworthiness, unshackle the chains of guilt, and be made new. When we fall into the sins of flesh, we don’t run after the freedom of the Father. It is the time we have with Him that will transform each of us.

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