Rise Up

Often times, the Father will call us to do something beyond our own ability in the moment. We can respond in flesh and explain why we can not do it, or, we can respond in Spirit and walk in faith. Sometimes we are qualified because of our journey and other times our willingness to obey the voice of The Father, despite our own inability, is what qualifies us. The Father can make ready in a day what He desires to do tomorrow, on the other side of that same coin, He can make ready through a life time of journeying what He wants to accomplish in 50 years. As Sons we will find ourselves in both of these, so we need to be ready and respond when He call us upward, and we need to preserve when He calls us to keep our path straight.

The world has this push for “surviving”, everywhere you look, tv shows, memes, t-shirts, car stickers, it’s about surviving. From parenthood to life in general we are supposed to be doing more than surviving. Yes we will have battles and yes we will have trials, yes we will face tribulation and persecution. But we are to be entering into each of these with the knowledge that we are triumphant. So many of us had a season where when we faced hardship, we resorted to being babes in Christ. We began to question in doubt what the Father was trying to build in faith. If you are still questioning, you do not understand who you are. If you know who you are, than you understand you are His. You value the death of the old man, for you merely lost and life but you gained a kingdom.

So let us then, push forward into this new season. Let us draw a line in the sand, that we will not waiver but stand firm in the word of God.

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