Being Active

Far too many times we come to a place where we think “well if this or that were to change, than I would really be happy, than I would really change, I wouldn’t be so angry, I wouldn’t get so easily frustrated, I would be less stressed… etc”. But the truth is, the only thing that needs to “change” for our circumstances to improve, is us. I find that if I am feeding myself with the servings of the world, I will naturally produce the characteristics of the flesh. However, if I am cultivating an environment that is set up for success in establishing heaven on earth, than my eyes are set on the Father and my life surrendered to Him. When this place is where I am at rest, I than produce the fruit of the Spirit.

We can’t allow ourselves to continually be distracted by the mirage of the world. It looks so pleasing and satisfying, but, it will never brings about peace, love, faith or hope. The world desensitizes you to the things of the Spirit, it adjusts your focus, no longer are you pressed to be about the Fathers business. When you partake of the world, you will slowly but surly be consumed by the world. Because the world can never satisfy the longings that we have, the quest that fills all men with wonder. What can satisfy while simultaneously encourage more wonder is the Kingdom of God.

Morning Thoughts 3/27

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