The Pouring out of PEACE

Oh what a peace you’ve given me A wonderful son you’re making me I will rise from this grief I’ll stand in victory

Oh this peace intensified As a Son I will now rise Here I stand absolutely free Never again will a chain bound me

Peace beyond understanding is beyond the capacity of the flesh. It is beyond the desire of reason. It is an intimate relationship with the Father where the weight of influence is in His faithfulness to be good. A place where the desire for the transformed man becomes action and offense has no impact, authority or leverage. If we allow offense than we long for something other than correction. Offense comes only when pride has influence and If pride has influence than it has yet to be crucified. When our desire is in us only responding well when we are approached “correctly” than our flesh being glory holds more weight than being the Sons of God. We are essentially only a child of the Father. Others must grow and mature, being manifested in love, communicating without fault so that our response can be one of reception. This is the way a child reasons.

In order to see the true nature of the Father and be established and made perfect in His love, we must be separated from the world. This isn’t to say that the Father is limited, because He is all powerful and mighty and can do as He pleases, just as He did with Saul, however, it wasn’t until Saul became Paul that the true nature of the Father was reveled to him. Because the true nature of the Father is to take a Saul and transform him into Paul. For He makes ALL THINGS new. This morning and through the night the Father recalled the song He had given me and added and changed some of the words. Where as I lay, I couldn’t help but be completely encompassed by His peace. A peace that in the natural shouldn’t be present, but the Spirit will lead us to a deeper part of the Kingdom, as we shed our flesh, we become the new man. Where the Spirit realm is our home, it is here the Father uses us to establish Heaven on Earth. Heaven on Earth cannot come from the workings of flesh. Nothing we can do out of our own might will ever bring about the Kingdom of God. It is only through surrender. It is only where every thought is in accordance with the King, where all thoughts and actions are the things we have heard the Father say and have seen the Father do.

One reason we are not producing the nature that Jesus encompassed is we have yet to see the Father’s face and have yet to hear His voice. For when we see His face and hear His voice and heed it, we will then do what the Father has done and say what the Father has said. Too often we try and mix the flesh with the Spirit, but they war against each other and can never walk in union.

-Just my morning thoughts 2/21/18

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