What Peace!

Peace beyond understanding comes from releasing all things unto the Father. Choosing in the most difficult of times to not search out reasoning with a carnal mind, to not plant seeds of flesh despite the temptation. When we chose to not allow the cares of the world to become our bondage, the Father is able to take us to a place inside the Kingdom deeper than our own understanding. The things of the flesh can never satisfy the Sons of God, the words of the world do not tickle their ears, for they have heard the truth of the Father. For in times of trouble, faith is not believing God will get you through, even people who have shunned the Lord know that a storm has an end. Faith in times of trouble, is submitting to the will of the Father with a heart of rejoicing KNOWING that the Father is for you, His love for you is beyond your understanding of love. The natural does not dictate a response because faith lies in accordance to the Fathers will.

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