Spirit Express

So much of my break through has been a direct correlation in my ability to be honest in an environment that would cultivate revelation. The expression of the Spirit has been revealed to me in the quiet of everyday life when the value I placed on His presence exceeded every other desire I possessed. The Kingdom of God is so valuable because you are forever connected to the FATHER. His presence always accompanies because you journey the path He created, completing the works He predestined, your “everyday life” is to be about your Father’s business. You are able to operate from a culture of respect and honor for all those around you because you encompass the spirit of reconciliation. There are no ulterior motives because you have become completely surrendered to the Father, the Holy Spirit has begun a process of freedom, and with each release of bondage there is an advancement into the Kingdom. You grow deeper in connection with the presence of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. The Kingdom of God is the presence of The Father in which He has all authority.

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