Our Move Towards Simplicity

The Joy of Minimal

I desperately wanted to be a happy mother. I wanted to be the mother that relished in the fact that she gets to stay at home and raise her children. After all their were mothers out there desperately wanting to stay at home with their “babies” but having to work. Here I was complaining, dreading the morning, dreading the everyday life of three kids under five. I was so drained and exhausted, I complained every single day. Until one day I asked myself “What must I do to be happy?”.

From the moment I had our first daughter I knew that it would be heart break for me to work. I couldn’t imagine not being with our daughter every single day. With each of our children the desire to stay at home and raise them continued to grow. Until I got in a rut. IT WAS SO HARD. I had a hard time just functioning in everyday life, with a newborn and two kids, I just couldn’t keep up. The laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning. I couldn’t find a balance, my two year old needed love, my newborn needed sleep, the more they woke her up the more frustrated I would become, it became a cycle of dreading life. I became short tempered with my kids, overwhelmed by slighted problem.

I knew things needed to change, the life I had always wanted and the Lord had blessed me with, I despised. I began to envy another life, became jealous of people I didn’t even know. I felt like a failure, my “one job” was a disaster. Thankfully, I began to realize it was a disaster of my own doing. I spent so much time in unnecessary places, I had expectations that were completely unrealistic, and I tried to parent outside of what was best for our family.

So emerged the minimalist inside. I went through everything, we probably got rid of 80/85% of our “things”. We freed up our schedule. We we took a no rush parenting approach. I thought our kids would be devastated, you know to lose the toy that you haven’t touched in 6 months must be really tough. However, the more we cleaned and cleared and purged the more they blossomed. They actually played, not just get entertained for a few moments, not telling me they were bored with six tubs of toys to play with.

It was one of the best decisions to make. Answering the call of the Father to simplify our lives. And we in no way could go back. We routinely go through our belongings keeping our life style simplified. I began to feel free again, I wasn’t wasting hours doing chores or maintenance that had no benefit. We love our simplified life.

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