You Are A Light

“You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.” Matthew 5:14

Right now the snow fall is so thick that the mountains that greet us every morning as they reflect the beauty of the sun, have vanished. Past the first set of houses lies nothing but a white abyss. The sky is completely white, not a spec of blue, black, yellow or any other color can be seen. Having seen the mountains every morning for the past three weeks has been majestic, but, no one would know what is beyond the white sheet. As I look out I hear a whisper, “Had you never been here before would you believe Me if I told you that past this heavy snowfall, from Northwest to Southwest, are mountains”. Ah, what an easy answer… I don’t know. Pathetic isn’t it? That after so much time with the Father, seeing His goodness and mercy first hand, that a storm would make me question the words He has spoken.

It’s ironic how metaphoric this storm is for my life. But then again, the Father uses anything to touch His children. In the distance is the Father, strong like a mountain range, and ever present in our times of trouble. Then there is the storm, a storm that keeps growing. It is impairing in nature, it limits what can be seen and where one can go. As the day goes on the snow comes down even harder, the houses that were on the edge of distance seen, are mere outlines, slowly vanishing as well.

It is here I find I’ve come to a crossroad. Two different directions, that will take me down two very different paths. I feel my faith is on the line I can’t help but feel the Spirit saying “Why would you allow this storm to bring you to a cross road? There are no cross roads on the path the Father has paved, you will always know where to go if you let Me lead you”. I know the Father isn’t saying that trials, test, or difficulty that we must all face will never come, however, I do believe that there is only one way to the Father. As all things come under dominion of the King of kings, we as Sons will not let these trivial things have a place of influence in our lives.

As I mediate on all the things the Spirit has spoken to me, I realize that no storm should define anything for me. Not only should it not define me, but, it should have no power over me. How can I be a light, if the darkness defines me? How can I be a city set on a hill, when the storm dictates me? Nothing can be gained by walking in flesh. Nothing can be gained from fear, bitterness, or questioning the Father. But, the Kingdom advances when we walk in faith, reconciliation, and the timing of the Father. Not because of what we have seen, while witnessing miracles of the Father are wonderful, we have to place our faith in the Father beyond the natural, or we will be subject to every storm.

Now as the next day has come, the sun is shinning and the sky is clear, with a wonderful view of the mountains. Oh, the mountings, despite what was visible yesterday, always remained.

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